Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer Classes

Husband: Good news! School just approved the business class I took before so I don't have to retake it this summer!
Me: Hooray! So you only have to take the Office class?
Husband: Yeah
Me: Good, it will be easy and leave plenty of time for other pursuits.
Husband: Lol, silly Swype- that's not how you spell "fishing"

Monday, February 22, 2016


Hubs brought my laundry up from the dryer last night and at 7AM I couldn't find a bra anywhere. He was still asleep during this.

Me: Damn it! Where is my bra, Honey?!

Husband: I don't know! I just stuffed all your clothes in the bag and brought them up!
I continued to rummage through the bag until I found a bra rolled in a shirt, stuffed in some pants and got dressed

Husband: Did you find it?

Me: No, I'm going braless. Do you think the guys will stare at my tits all day?

Husband: They stare at your tits all day anyway. It's what we do.