Friday, April 18, 2014

Man Boobs

Husband: I think it's going to rain tonight for Meatfest.

Me: Maybe, it's pretty cloudy.

Husband: We should all go in white shirts then and have a wet t-shirt contest. Then when we're done you can rip off your shirt and yell "Woo! Milk shots!"

Me: You are so weird.

Husband: You know that's why men don't have functioning boobs, right? We would totally do that kind of stuff. Somewhere along the line, evolution was all "Let's give that responsibility to women. Men are way too immature."

Me: Or something like that.

Husband: If men had functioning breasts the kid would never get fed and we'd do stuff like squirt it into our friends eyes like "Ha! Got you that time fucker!" or put it in our coffee, it'd be like "Shit, we're out of creamer again... oh well...."