Monday, January 6, 2014

The Polar Vortex

Husband: You'll probably want the kitchen warm when you get home, won't you?

Me: Jesus honey, it's 2 outside and falling. Don't act like you're hot.

Husband: Oh you know I'm hot honey

Me: Lol, uh huh.

Husband: And it's not 2, stop exaggerating. It's 4.5. BIG difference!

Me: Well, it's 2 here.

Husband: So I shouldn't go take the Christmas lights down then?

Me: Lol, no.

Husband: And you probably want me to tell Lil Fella to come in... because you never let us do what WE want to do.

Me: You did not let her outside.

Husband: She just wanted to make snow angels.  She's only been out there for maybe an hour.

Me: You're such a liar.

Husband: Although she's just been laying there for like the last 10 min.
*5 min pause as I ignore him*
So I should go get her?

Me: Yes honey, absolutely. Turd.

Husband: It takes all the fun out of it when you know I'm not a moron.