Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tea vs. Coffee

Husband: So when I finished making Lil Fellla's breakfast I went to make coffee and discovered....  "FUCK I'm out!  Thats ok, I'll just make some hot water and make some tea."

Let me tell you something


Me: LOL, make some red bull in the sodastream then.

Husband: Tea makes me want to punch people who can't grow up and drink coffee like a fucking adult.

I was going through the kitchen like some sort of tired angry bear.  But I got lucky and found that instant starbucks stuff.  It's better than fucking tea.

Me: Well Lil' Fella got up and dressed by herself so that should make you happy!

Husband: "Ohhhh look at me I'm fuckface McHipster!  I drink the worlds most popular drink because coffee is too mainstream!  Oh and I like to play with teabags!"

I'm adding tea to my list of movements I am against! So it's number 2.

Me: Oh sweetie, drink your instant coffee and calm down. It'll all be ok in a few minutes.