Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicco thinks of everything!

So I got a great deal on a new Chicco Cortina travel system for #2 at Target's Labor Day sale. I hated Lil Fella's stroller with a passion because Graco did not design the Metrolite for 6 foot tall parents. So the new stroller came today and after I got it all assembled I was showing Husband that I could power walk behind it without kicking the bottom.

Husband: Does it have a hobbit setting for me?

Me: Yep, exhibit A.

Husband: What's that thingy on the handle?

Me: That's the accessory tray, for a drink and what not.

Husband: It's got a beer holder?! Sweet!

Me: Yeah, sure.

Husband: Hey look! It's even got an ash tray! A beer holder AND an ashtray! You're right honey. This is the perfect stroller!