Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Me: do you feel about taking my sewing machine up to the shop so that I don't have to after work before you leave for class?

Husband: Oh I thought you took it with you

Me: Negative. All you have to do is pick it up by the handle, everything is contained inside the cover, and drive to Cindy's Sew Easy Shoppe, which is in the same plaza as DrugMart then go inside and say, this is my wife's machine to go with the embroidery unit she brought in last night for repair. If you went now, you could drop it off before you picked up Lil' Fella.

Husband: Lol, are you asking me to do it, or how I would feel about doing it?

Me: I'm asking you to do it.... you could decline but it's really in your best interest to do it

Husband: LOL, oh really....?

Me: Well you don't want to be late for school because I got stuck in traffic do you?

Husband: LOL!  Oh honey, you really have no clue what my "best" interest is, do you?

Me: Lol, I see where you're taking I'm not giving you a BJ to take my machine in

Husband: Well....  you could, if you wanted to.  I would let you.

*40 minutes later*

Husband: THERE!

Me: Thanks sugar dumplin'

Husband: I just want you to know that instead of using my normal poop time I went and did something for my lovely wife. So now my poo-edule is WAY OFF!!!