Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Me: Bossman said that because I'm pregnant, I'm not qualified to taste or evaluate the smell of our products. I told him that the status of my uterus has no impact on my taste buds.

Apparently, based on his extensive knowledge of pregnancy (none) he was under the impression that because some smells and tastes make me nauseated, that the whole system must be jacked up.

Husband: See, I would have said: Actually, the senses are heightened during pregnancy, so I'm probably better at it than you. The biggest problem is trying to control the Pregnancy Tourette's Syndrome or "PTS" for short. 95% of women get it and it can me very embarrassing! Dick face shit taco.

Me: LOL, oh honey...

Husband: And just think... someday soon, I'm going to be someone's HR rep!