Wednesday, November 13, 2013

iPads and Yogurts

Husband: So 2 things- 1) I'm stealing one of your good yogurts with the shit on top and #2 Lil' Fella is pretty pissed at us.

Me: lol, ok and why?

Husband: LOL, Oh because we won't buy her an iPad for her birthday.

Me: LOL, where did she get this idea?

Husband: So she can get that Sophia the First app Disney keeps pushing.

Me: Well tough titties, she HAS a tablet.

Husband: That was one of the reasons I gave her. And that she can't have a pad that on the cheap end costs 2X the price mine.

Me: I'm sorry the Nabi doesn't support Google play yet but she has plenty of apps that are loads of fun from the Amazon app store and Disney are assholes for only making it for Apple.

Husband: PLUS, she can barely take care of the ones she has so a high end one is out of the question. Oh and that it is Apple and "NOT IN THIS HOUSE!"

Me: Indeed, all valid points.

Husband: Your yogurt just splooged in my face when I opened it....  god, now I know how porn stars feel.

Me: LOL!! Oh honey.

Husband: Damn it...  That's going on the blog, isn't it?


Husband: FML, First I catch a money shot from a cup of yogurt and then I get made fun of.  Yep, just like a porn star. At least the yogurt's good.