Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This was after the first snow of the season, it was maybe an inch.

Husband: New this year to snow parking rules...  If your car has snow on it but none where you are parking it is totally fine to take up 4 FUCKING SPOTS!!!!!

Me: Lol, sounds legit.

Husband: I think you have to be driving a truck though.

Me: A giant red one.

Husband: So I'm eavesdropping on these two girls talking about driving in the snow. I'm trying REALLY HARD to resist the urge to scream at them.

Me: Yeah. the roads were SUPER BAD this morning   (complete sarcasm, FYI)

Husband: "Oh my god! People are such assholes and bad drivers!  They kept honking and flashing their lights at me on the freeway.  I mean it's snowing! Hello! Jerks!  I'm not going to risk my life and drive above 40 mph on the freeway that is probably frozen just because you didn't leave early."

Me: Lol, GD idiot.

Husband: Other girl..."I know!  This may be my first year driving in the snow, but I know you have to drive safe.  I even made sure I used my blinker!"

I am not making this up!  I think I may have to kill them for the better good for drivers everywhere.

Me: Sounds like a solid conclusion.