Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On large size pants at Old Navy

Husband: Old Navy = POOP. Bunch of fascists!
Me: They're the only ones who make jeans long enough for me.
Husband: I used to like them because they fit me how I liked but you know what size they stop at? 34! Sometimes if you're lucky you can find a 36!
Me: Well they have women's sizes to 20, and the tall shop but it's only online. The long length available at the store is only a 34" inseam but the talls online are a 36" inseam. After allowing 1.5 inches for shrinkage, the talls are perfect for me.
Husband: Know what pant size I wore when we met? 36! Bunch of fat hatin', hipster, trendy ass clowns!
Me: Um, I just looked online and they have mens sizes to 48.
Husband: ..... FUCK THEM!