Sunday, April 28, 2013

On my unmentionables

Me: Today is a momentous occasion.
Husband: Um ok?
Me: You know, the stack that has been on my dresser since you left 3 months ago? I know its been there that long because it had underwear in it that I only where when you're home.
Husband: LOL, wait- you have underwear you wear only for me?
Me: Well duh...
Husband: I guess that came out wrong YOU HAVE SEXY TIME PANTIES??
Me: Well since apparently you never noticed, I'm throwing them out.
Husband: I blame you.
Me: ME?
Husband: Yes ma'am totally your fault. By the time I got you down to your panties you could be wearing a bear suit and I doubt I'd notice.
Me: I'm never buying lingerie again then.