Tuesday, May 28, 2013

About his T-Rex arms

When our freezer has a few too many things in it, the stuff in the top basket catches on the light and winds up falling down behind the baskets. Last night, Husband was struggling to retrieve a pizza and a cool whip container and called me to help.

Husband: I rescued the suicidal pizza but I can't reach that damn cool-whip. Can you get it?

Me: Ugh, sure. There you go.

Husband: It's not my fault, I've got tiny T-Rex arms!

Me: Well, why don't you work on growing some longer arms already?!

Husband: I've BEEN working on it. I started with my wang and that hasn't grown yet. Once I get that to work, I'll start on my arms and legs. It's all about setting priorities, honey.