Monday, May 13, 2013

On BPLv6

While Husband was in the afghanistans and such, he asked me to create a lotion that would dry to a powder to keep his balls from getting sweaty. After a few versions that weren't dry enough Ball Powder Lotion v6 was born. This happened just after he received it.

Husband: I got the new BPL today, which is awesome because I ran out of the other one a few days ago! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! I just put some on my hands! THIS SHIT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

Sooooo not only are the guys here IN-FUCKING-SANE about BPLv6, but a lot of them want to invest!! a few are asking how they can get some and how much is it. I told them I'd ask you, but I'm saying this is a HUGE hit out here. LOL a few of the guys are going for a jog right now to see what happens....

90% of the testicles in this hangar have your BPL on them!

Me: LOL! Well I'm glad you like it!

Husband: No you don't understand. I've got guys who want to invest!

Me: Too bad the things I invent belong to my employer, not me...