Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On a boat

Husband: Soooooo.... I want to get something that would be great for our family. Something AWESOME that we REALLLY NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!

Me: What?

Husband: Brace yourself.

A boat.

Me: No

Husband: But...

Me: No. BOAT is an acronym.

Husband: But my brother had a boat and he WAS broke all the time, but it was because he's a moron, not because of the boat.

Me: The best situation is to have a friend with a boat, then you can go fishing with them on their boat and not waste a "boatload" of money. So start making friends. With boats.

Husband: But every time we were on it we could sing "I'm on a boat!" I could autotune my voice and sing backup for you! Grow my hair out.... get some gold teeth.... OK FINE! YOU WIN THIS ROUND!

The next day

Husband: I told my bosses I might extend... for a boat. They said no.