Saturday, May 18, 2013


Husband: I can't find my Scrabble app on FB.

Me: Did you block it?

Husband: No, I don't think so... wait there it is. WTF! Use of the Scrabble app has been restricted!

Me: Hmm, must be by your company.

Husband: Well now I don't feel bad for what I did to them yesterday.

Me: Oh no. What did you do now?

Husband: Well there was a big sandstorm coming and everyone ran out to look at it (like they've never seen one before)- and, as you know, I am a STRONG enforcer of OPSEC.

Me: LOL sure...

Husband: So I went to all their computers that were left unlocked and either googled "blue waffle" and clicked on the image.... OR I went to

Me: Ugh! Gross!

Husband: Well meatspin is not so gross and more loving. I sent all the Jesus freaks who hate the gays to meatspin. They should learn to not leave their shit unlocked.

Me: Is this why sometimes your FB status says that you're gay and love the cock?