Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lil' Fella and Sharpies

Husband: So, I'm in the office doing shit and Lil Fella asks if she can go outside. I said sure so she went. A few min go by and I walk in to turn off the TV. That's when I see 2 Sharpie markers on the floor and one is open. I get her back in here to ask her WTF and she said she needed them to make a card. She got up on the counter and got them for the card. She said she knows she shouldn't use them, but doesn't know why.

Me: Did it get on anything?

Husband: Not that I can see.

Me: Well there's that at least. Tell her Mommy is pissed and that she is ONLY allowed to use the multitudes of writing utensils in her art roll or I'm taking away the art roll.

Husband: Can I stab her in the eye with a Sharpie? That way when she thinks "Hey it would be a good idea too.... oh no, wait. That's how I lost my eye"