Monday, May 13, 2013

On home improvements

Husband: So I've been thinking about stuff I want to make for the house.

I want to build a picnic style table. The 3rd or 4th board up from you would be removed. In it's place would be a long rectangle bucket type contraption. Either made from hand to fit or like one of those plastic window planter type things. That way say you have drinks or something. A bottle of wine perhaps. You can fill this bucket thing with ice and keep what ever you want to set in there chilled. Lol it looks better when I draw it out.

Me: Sure, sounds doable.

Husband: Lol, oh and maybe a 5 foot tall rusted metal chicken!


Husband: LOL I was going to to buy you those towels on Amazon last week. I was going to do it as a "hey I love you and wanted you to know I was thinking of you" thing. Then the TV thing came up and I didn't do it.
So as soon as I started reading that blog I started laughing.

Me: Just keep in mind honey, 15 years is big metal chickens!

Husband: Lol, what's two years? Or is it three? I'm a bad husband.

Me: Two, and I think it's cotton or some shit- so those towels will be perfect! 

This post might make more sense if you read my favorite blogger, The Bloggess' post on Beyonce the giant metal chicken.